How to eat mussels


Modern people is difficult, perhaps, believe that once the mussels were fed poor peasants, who lived near the seas and oceans. Today mussels are served in expensive restaurants. Of course, an especially rare delicacy now the mussels will not be called. They are available to almost everyone, the stores offer a variety of mussel species, and the prices are not biting. If You have not tried this amazing nautical product, we strongly suggest You to do it. Don't know how to eat mussels? Nothing, and that we now describe. Of the Medes – who are they, how and what they eat? Mussels: cook and eat properly Before you say, how have mussels, it is necessary to mention, as they can be prepared, because the method of preparation will depend on the process of eating. Mussels served in a variety: smoked, dried, pickled; soups, salads; cleaned and closed shells; even served mussels on skewers. In General, once not served. And how to eat mussels?
It is clear that in soups and salads mussels eat the same as everything else – spooning (with a fork) and chew. Nothing to clear there is no longer necessary (if they are not in the wings, of course). The same applies to mussels on skewers, then there's nowhere easier, eat right off the skewers. Same with canned, etc., if You are ready mussel without fold, then eat it all, nothing inside to search and retrieve is not necessary, despite some strange appearance, everything in it is edible and everything is so amazingly tasty (again, Amateur). Talk about more complicated variant – mussels in shells. How have mussels in shells will Discuss not only how to eat them, but also how to properly cook. So You bought fresh mussels in the shells. Remember that it is best to cook mussels the day of purchase, fresh; very easily poisoned stale mussels. And fresh times tastier. Put the shells with the mussels under running water and thoroughly clean off all the dirt off the so-called "beard". Consider the mussels, if met shell open, knock on it. If the shell is not closed, without pity throw away, is a spoiled mussel, or to eat the. Then put on fire a saucepan (preferably with a thick bottom) and spread the mussels. Long to cook mussels is not necessary. Just a few minutes in boiling water, and fold open. By the way, the mussels, which after cooking is not opened, also not fit to eat, they corrupt, and they should get rid of. Ready to eat mussels, you must immediately, as a rule, then they leave. In one hand is taken open shell in the other fork. Mussels hold on the sink due to the so-called muscle. Your task – rotational movements of the plug to separate the mussel from the base. And eat. Is plug sometimes use a leaf from eating mussels like a scoop. Sometimes, serves mussels in a slightly open shell. Typically, the table is prepared with a special forceps, which reveals the carapace, and then all the same. Cut the leg muscle and eat. Remember that mussels have much juice, be careful removing it, don't spray yourself and your neighbor. This also applies to the extraction of the molluscum, not send it accidentally to the plate of a neighbor. By the way, the mussels usually served with a dry white wine. They blend well with a beer.

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