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Have you ever wondered what determines your level of activity? Why waking up in the morning, you feel a surge of energy and willingness to move mountains, and came to work, not even to get up from my chair to place the document in the next room?
And it's not a tedious evening in a dispute with a neighbor, not a small, restless children or itchy ear boss. Your sudden fatigue and lack of luster in the eyes is not due to external reasons, and metabolism. Metabolism, in other words, metabolism is your energy battery, and a small fire, not giving to sleep. With a good metabolism you are always full of energy and strength, calorie burn like chips in the oven, you are less tired and are in a good mood.
If you are sure that the cause of fatigue, weight gain and fatigue is the slow metabolism, I suggest you check its status. There are many ways to determine the metabolic rate – below I will discuss several of the most simple variants, which can be organized at home.
Determined by body type
Look carefully, and most importantly, objectively and without rose-colored glasses on. If you can confidently say that your bones only covers the elastic layer of muscle and an adequate amount of fat in proper places, congratulations: with the metabolism you have everything in order. Note: 1 kg of muscle burns per day 40 kcal, therefore, the more your muscle mass, the higher the rate of metabolism.
The formula of the basal metabolism
For the second test you will need scales and if there are issues with the math, the calculator. With this test you can determine the metabolic rate without exercise, that is, the basal metabolic rate. As a result, you will understand how to cope with the work your digestive system is at rest when the energy is spent only on the fact that you kept breathing, and the heart was still beating.
So, before going to sleep (after an evening visit to the toilet), you need to weigh in. Write down the result – this will be your weight X. Now go to sleep. And no cups of yogurt with carrot for the night! Do not eat or drink to Wake up. Immediately after rising again weigh is your weight Y. Subtract weight X weight Y as the difference in grams will determine your basic metabolism. Normal value should be equal to 500. If the score is less than, then the metabolism slowed down.
"Oatmeal, Sir."
This "English test", as I call it, may at first glance seem weird, but he has a good reason. Oatmeal is used in it due to the quick absorption and suitable for the experiment's glycemic index.
The beginning. Choose a quiet day when you won't be disturbed. In the evening prepare a porridge on water without salt and sugar. It may not be very appetizing dish, but foodies will have to suffer for the sake of experiment. In the morning arise, and take all hygienic procedures, except taking a shower. Dress so that you feel slightly cool. Now get prepared in the evening porridge and heat it to room temperature (about 20°C).
The most important step: eat porridge, trying not to stretch the pleasure in time and not push it into the stomach of something liquid. Just a mess, nothing more!
Observation: if immediately after the acquisition of Kashi, you feel a pleasant heat and the whole body made a light sweat, you can safely assume that you have a fast metabolism. If you just became warm, the metabolism at a normal level.The opinion of a specialist
Excessive consumption of fats is harmful. But it is excessive! Because fats are necessary for our body. Without them it impossible to correct the metabolism. In the absence of fats don't absorb vitamins A and E, almost cease to produce sex hormones (in women disrupted menstrual cycle or even stop having your period). With a lack of fat rapidly aging skin and suffering from liver. The diet must be right, healthy fats that are found in fish: mackerel, herring, sardines, tuna, salmon, sprats, mullet, halibut, perch, carp. In plant foods, these fats also have: pumpkin seeds, soybeans, walnuts, dark green leafy vegetables and vegetable oils (linseed, sesame, soybean, grape seed). As for raw vegetables and fruits, they are useful, but not in any quantity. First, there are people who do bad digest fiber, responding to bloating, heartburn and diarrhea. Secondly, cooked vegetables consumed is also necessary. The optimal ratio of raw and cooked vegetables and fruits for a healthy person -approximately 2:3.
Tips on how to improve health and metabolism
The best way to bring the body into feeling it tight to feed him in the morning. With the right combination of products. Your Breakfast should look like the following: protein plus complex carbohydrates and a little unsaturated fats. That is, eggs or low-fat cheese, or tofu, or cottage cheese with whole-grain bread or porridge with a dessert spoon olive (linseed, pumpkin seed) oil or nuts. Follow this formula and soon you will be called a Zinger!
If your stomach is rumbling and begging desperately to throw something – come on, don't be so cruel! But approach the subject carefully. Eat an Apple or pear, 100 g of cottage cheese or 7 nuts almonds. Remember: in cases of malnutrition, metabolism slows down because the body senses the impending danger of war, hunger or food sanctions – and tries to store energy for future use.
The liver converts fats into energy, not allowing them to be deposited on your waist, it detoxifies you have to bathe in love and water. To the liver to function properly, it needs water, at least 1.5-2 liters of water a day. And your water balance you can check the color of urine: it should be pale yellow.
Everyone knows that in the belly of the singer Shakira live probiotics energetic who love to dance! That is why she has a great figure, great digestion and metabolism. And who lives with you? Don't forget to dilute the microflora of your gut bacteria with yogurt or kefir: they are in losing weight will help, and the stool normalizes. Is it not happiness?
Capsaicin, a compound found in chili peppers. It improves the metabolism, helps increase body temperature and raises vitality. Pepper your meals at least once a day, but be careful with peppers, if you have diseases of the digestive system.

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