Nutrition while breastfeeding


The child was born, and now your main task is to provide him full breast milk.
Diet feeding mum must be complete. Not only that, pregnancy and childbirth, women have to regain strength and health. The quality of her milk entirely depends on nutrition during lactation. Very important day: it is desirable that Breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner were always at same time.
Nutrition during breastfeeding. What can a nursing mom?
If you for a few months feed your baby only breast, then you produce a huge amount of milk – about 1 litre per day. It takes you 10 g of protein, 70 g of lactose, 40 g fat, 800 calories. To milk and further elaborated in the right quantities, these costs it is necessary immediately to compensate through diet while breastfeeding. Therefore, you should eat and most importantly drink more than usual. Especially not forget that it is important for you to get a larger quantity of any liquid – it could be tea, juice, water.
Your food should be tasty and varied. Make sure that your daily menu includes food from all groups. It is dairy, meat, fish products, cereals, fruits, vegetables, sweets.
You should also ensure intake of dietary fiber through diet while breastfeeding – bread flour, prunes, raw vegetables. They are very useful, because during lactation you may have a tendency to constipation, so bowel should be cleansed.
During breastfeeding should also take vitamins. But watch at the same time, how they react child. If he is not a rash and no sore tummy, be sure to continue to drink them. You fit the usual vitamin complexes, recommended and special vitamin-mineral complexes for pregnant and lactating women.
What is not a nursing mother?
Nursing mother certainly should limit the consumption of foods that can harm the health of the child. The list, unfortunately, is quite large.
You need to eliminate from your diet the entire group of allergens: peanuts, citrus, tropical fruits, strawberries, raspberries, bananas, mackerel, crabs, shrimp, chocolate, chocolate candy.
You should also give up everything that irritates the mucous membrane of the stomach, as diet breastfeeding easily pass into the blood and from there into the milk. This products containing significant amounts of extractives (meat and fish broth); containing large amounts of organic acids (sour apples, cherries, cranberries, sauerkraut and pickled vegetables and fruit); contain large quantities of essential oils (garlic and onion); foods high in sugar, salt, food coloring and food additives (sweet curd cheese, cheese paste, sweet soft drinks, smoked sausage, salted and smoked fish, pickles).
Yogurt, milk, yogurt are recommended only "clean", i.e. not containing fruit additives. In extreme cases, choose those that updated with neutral fruit – Apple or pear. It is not known how your child will react to the yogurt, say, with passion fruit. Maybe everything will go perfectly, and maybe he will have digestive problems or a rash.
Alcoholic beverages while breast-feeding can not use.
Agents that increase lactation
Nursing mother useful to use special stimulants of lactation. This teas made from cumin, anise, fennel. Are also homeopathic medicines that increase blood levels of prolactin, the main hormone which regulates milk production in the female body.

There are special diet while breastfeeding, increasing milk supply, is made on the basis of cow's milk and goat's milk with added vitamins and minerals. It is made at us, in Russia and abroad.
Increase the amount of milk and maintaining lactation contributes to acupressure breast, warm shower and especially the mode of feeding "on demand", established by the child.
How to maintain lactation
So your body develop whole milk, it is necessary to follow a healthy lifestyle and diet, provide yourself a good sleep and a good mood, good nutrition through breastfeeding. Very important relaxed and friendly atmosphere in the family, help friends.
But the most important is your positive attitude: you need and during pregnancy, and after childbirth to constantly convince yourself that you can nurse the baby with their own milk that is both pleasant and beneficial to both the mother and the baby. Scientists know that the percentage of congenital hypogalactia (lack of milk) is only 4-5 percent. It turns out that breastfeeding can be almost all women!

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