How to eat with diabetes


Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disease that affects the normal functioning of all internal organs and disrupted almost the entire body. The reasons for the signs of diabetes are many, but the main problem of the sugar. Therefore, diabetics are not recommended to consume foods containing sugar. They quickly increase the level of glucose in the blood. Such products include jams, honey, jams, pies, candy, cakes, sugar and other sweets. It is also necessary to limit consumption of sweet fruits and berries: grapes, bananas, dates, raisins, apricots. In severe diabetes, these foods should be completely avoided from the diet, and when primary and secondary extent, the use of a small amount of sweets allowed, but it is necessary to regularly monitor the sugar level in the blood. Instead of sweets recommended taste sugar substitutes – xylitol and sorbitol in small quantities. On the progression of diabetes also has a great influence content in the diet of fatty foods. Therefore, patients should limit the intake of not only sweets but also fatty foods. The total amount of fat in the daily diet should not exceed 40 grams. Fatty foods – butter, vegetable oil, lard, animal fats, margarine, fatty meats, chicken skin, sausage, mayonnaise, fatty cheeses, sour cream and others. You should completely exclude from the diet fried and smoked food, canned food and pickles, spices, pepper, mustard and alcohol. Suffering from diabetes are also recommended to limit the use of products containing a large amount of complex carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates in many cereals, pasta, rice and semolina. Milk sugar – lactose, which is contained in all dairy products, is rapidly absorbed by the body. Therefore, the diet of the patient dairy products should contain no more than a pint a day. What can you eat with diabetes, if it seems that there's nothing left than to satisfy hunger. Some patients immediately after the diagnosis of diabetes begin to eat separately, prepare yourself light meals and refuse to participate in family feasts. There's no particular need, just need to strictly adhere to certain rules and to include in your diet only those foods which are beneficial. Such products will help to cope with the disease not only patient, but also prevent the appearance of illnesses of all family members. Here is a list of foods that should be diet diabetes:
1. Buckwheat and oat porridge, brown bread flour. These products contain more vitamins, and more slowly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. Always try to eat unrefined foods. To refined foods include white flour and all products made from it are, sunflower oil, sugar, polished rice.
2. The vegetables and fruits. Vegetables and fruits, poor in carbohydrates, allowed to take limited numbers. Such vegetables include all kinds of cabbage and cauliflower, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, spinach, and fruit useful lemons, cranberries, pomegranates, cranberries, red currants, and others. Carbohydrate-rich vegetables and fruits in the diet should be restricted. So, beets and carrots – 250 gr. a day, potatoes – 300 gr., mushrooms 100 gr. Fruit must prefer apples, grapefruit, peaches, limiting their consumption to 400 gr. a day. All kinds of greens, onions, garlic should be consumed to more opportunities.
3. Lean beef and poultry meat. The soups cooked with the broth of the lean meat, you can eat 2 times a week. Boiled fowl or beef is recommended to include in diet daily up to 100 gr. they cover the body's need for protein and vitamins.
4. Seafood. Include in the daily diet of fish up to 150 gr. Fish and seafood can be cooked many delicious dishes. Boil them and simmer, but do not fry.
5. Dairy products. Milk patients with diabetes can drink only with the permission of the doctor. And dairy products such as yogurt, yogurt, yogurt not more than 2 glasses a day. Cheese you can eat low-fat varieties in small quantities. Cheese contains lots of calcium and phosphorus, which are useful for improving liver function and fat metabolism. Low-fat cottage cheese in an amount of not more than 200 g. a day is useful to include in the diet of the diabetic.
6. Drinks. Diabetes is better to drink all sorts of tea, natural coffee, tomato juice. Drinking natural fruit juices should be limited, because they contain a large amount of simple carbohydrates. You can drink freshly squeezed juices, diluted with water three times. If you have diabetes strictly observe the principles of fractional power. Eat in five stages, preferably at the same time. When type two diabetes need to control weight, the amount of calories per day should not exceed 1500-1800 calories. Daily diet should be rich in vitamins, micro – and macro-elements, give preference to natural food.


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