How to eat to lose weight

Most girls somehow believe that in order to lose weight, you need to limit yourself in food and is a very big misconception. In this article we want to dispel the stereotype and to convince you that you can lose weight through proper and balanced diet, without exhausting your body with limitations in food intake.
Negative factors limiting the supply
Yes, many girls losing weight help different diet, fasting days and fasting – you cannot argue that point. But, nevertheless, there are a large number of girls who diet do not help or they can't hold on to it for quite a long time. Let's look at the negative side of food.
First and foremost the most negative factor in limiting power is its negative impact on health. Any change in the diet is bad for the body and if this diet is not something that would change, but also limited, that is, of course, very stressful for our body. If you don't feel "stress" when you change the power, it does not mean that the body easily, it can be, for example, in the form of fat deposits. Dietary restrictions have a negative effect on the digestive system that can lead to the opposite effect – weight gain.
The following negative factor supply constraints is the psychological component, so as to limit itself in meal it is very difficult in moral terms, which often have a bad mood, appear depressed, etc. for this reason, it is very difficult to stick to a diet for a long period of time.
Also, you can often hear that many girls and women diets simply do not work – and this is not surprising. In order to understand this you have to analyze the principles on which components of the diet. Diets are prepared according to certain theoretical rules of dietetics, and given the fact that the human body is different and each of us gains weight for their own reasons, diet may not yield results. This is why generic diets don't suit every girl, and should be selected individually.
And, of course, the main disadvantage of this diet – they have a temporary effect, because after a certain period of time the achieved results are lost, however, in the end, your weight will be several pounds more than before the start of dietary restriction. To consolidate the results achieved must be constantly maintained, through the use of diet and exercise. Why go to all these sacrifices, when you can just adhering to a proper diet without gaining weight, and moreover, to lose!?
The benefits of proper nutrition
Let's start with the fact that many girls are skeptical about the fact that you can lose weight solely through the use of proper nutrition. But in vain! Nutritionists proved that with the proper diet you can lose up to 10 kg, this figure depends on how you have weight above your norm.
First and foremost, proper nutrition is a necessity for our body. He will not become overloaded, which in turn will eliminate the appearance of fat deposits, improve the condition of the digestive system and body as a whole. In addition, the body will not be subjected to stresses due to changes of diet and malnutrition, which is very important.
How to eat to lose weight
Proper diet for weight loss consists of not only the bottom of a certain diet, but on a small list of restrictions. As for the diet, below we give a sample menu of proper nutrition. Proper nutrition involves a fractional power, which we told you in one of our previous publications.
Weight loss through proper nutrition should include some limitations. They all relate to the foods that affect the digestive system and complicate it. Certainly, all of these products you know, but will not be superfluous to list them once again.

Try as much as possible to use:
Any fried food (meat, servant, potatoes, eggs, etc.);
Any fatty foods (meat and dairy products, sunflower and butter, some baking);
Sugar in all its forms (candy, cakes, etc.);
Salt in direct form and adding it when cooking, and foods containing it (fish, snacks, condiments, etc.);
Caffeine (coffee, cappuccino, tea and other drinks);
Smoked food (meat and fish);
Preservatives (canned goods, canned products shelf stable);
Convenience food and fast food (burgers, pasta, side dishes, soups, etc.);
Ketchup, mayonnaise, sauces, and other condiments;
Fast food (hamburgers, hot dogs, Shawarma, pies, pasties, potato fries, etc.);
Food-snacks (chips, candy bars, crackers, nuts and other products).
As you can see, eating right does not prohibit to use these products, but, nevertheless, strongly recommends to use them in your diet is extremely rare. Ideally, they are generally better to exclude, if you want to get a proper diet the maximum effect for weight loss and for health.
Pay special attention to healthy and wholesome food as it is the basis of good nutrition. Also one of the components of proper nutrition is the eating schedule, so you should try to eat at the same time.

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