How to eat to gain muscle mass

If you are engaged in power sports, it is necessary to review its principles of nutrition. MEN's LIFE will help you to select the right diet. This is very important, as nutrition plays a huge role in the recovery process after hours of training. Without a balanced diet it is impossible to build muscle, no matter how much you sweat in the gym. A simple example: to cause a steady build-up of muscle, everyday you need to consume 1.5-2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.
You need a "building material" that will help gain strength and build muscle. Heavy grueling workout (especially for the working person) require significant energy consumption, but it also needed to successfully restore the muscles and systems of the body. All this expense should be compensated by nutrition. Otherwise you quickly lose weight and lose strength. Indeed it is – can you abide by all training rules while using special programs to gain muscle but not get anything, in addition to the loss of body weight.
Without adequate nutrition, muscle growth is impossible. We will teach you the secrets of proper nutrition that will help you in a short time to become strong and build muscle.
Rule 1: do Not starve, either before or after a workout
Hungry the body during exercise depletes your own resources. After all, he somehow need to restock spent energy, so he burns proteins. Remember, as you start driving? That's right, with refueling. The body also requires a "refill" to display power. We recommend you to eat carbohydrate foods about an hour before workout. Carbohydrates are easily and quickly digested, energize the entire body. Of course, do not overeat. If you prefer protein foods, since it is consumed before exercise should be at least one and a half hours.
You must have meals and after training. After all, if not to replenish spent energy, muscle synthesis will not start – on the contrary, there will be a depletion of the body. About 15 minutes after workout should eat carbohydrate food, as well as minerals and vitamins. We believe that the ideal food after a workout are apples and bananas and energy drink own cooking. Make it very simple: in a pint of water squeeze a lemon, add 2 tablespoons of honey, two tablespoons of cane sugar, a few tablets of vitamin C, dog rose syrup to taste. You can put a little raspberry jam and add green or black tea. Keep this drink all the time at hand.

Rule 2: Eat every day a lot and full!
Many athletes are mistaken, believing that exercises build muscle. No, powerful workout, on the contrary, destroy muscle! Mechanisms of supercompensation, constructive, build muscle, run after you workout. This means that your muscles grow in between workouts, and this process requires constant reinforcement of correct products. From the void, the muscles will not grow – they need material. The best material are proteins and carbohydrates, and biochemical processes in the body are provided with vitamins and minerals.
Rule 3: the Power depends on the build and features of the metabolic
If you have a tendency to lose weight, if you gain weight, means, metabolism you quick. This means that the diet should be rich and varied. It would need to include large amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Good for you to eat 4 times a day, and maybe even 6 times, and have a variety of food. Tune in 3 times a day welcome "big food", the rest of the meals will act as "refueling". It is absolutely necessary, as the air muscle is not built! And, besides, we need more energy for workouts, and just for life – walk, work, etc. When you avoid sugar and sweets – there are many foods containing "good" carbohydrates.
If you can easily and quickly gain weight, so metabolism you pretty slow. In this case, it is recommended to provide the body with calories mainly due to the low fat and protein foods. Part of the carbohydrate can be replaced by dietary protein, go with foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Try not to eat before bed, and do not eat too large portions, but often enough. If you already have excess fat reserves, for a start get rid of them.
A few more tips
You may be surprised, but the most useful and effective product to build muscle is recognized as the buckwheat! However, from the point of view of the British, oatmeal better, but it only says that they have never tried buckwheat. In this amazing rump – record carbohydrate, giving energy, and 12% of easily digestible protein, which is essential for building muscle. In addition, in buckwheat are the b vitamins and minerals. But there is very little fat, and those benefit.
Valuable for athletes protein is also found in eggs, try to eat every day, 3-5 proteins from eggs. By the way, it is best to limit egg yolks, they can be used not more than 1-3 a day.
Pork is better to exclude from the diet is meat contains large amounts of saturated fats, which will subsequently be difficult to get rid of. Remember that too much fatty food clogs the body without causing it use.
Heavy loads require constant replenishment of vitamins and minerals. To do this is to purchase vitamin-mineral supplements and take them regularly. With special attention to the b vitamins and vitamin C.
Forget the chips and sausage! Eat natural foods: cereals and vegetables, salads with olive oil, seafood, fish, dairy products. It is very desirable to completely abstain from food containing preservatives, dyes, flavorings and other chemical additives.
The products that are useful for power athletes
As sources of carbohydrates suitable buckwheat as well as rice and other cereals, bread, pasta, bananas, honey.
To saturate the body with protein, eat cottage cheese, egg whites, white chicken meat, fish, beef and nuts, drink milk.
Vitamins and minerals found in vegetables and fruits, berries, herbs and dried fruits.

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