Kefir diet


It is known that milk is the substance belongs to the category of useful products, so the kefir diet is also very useful for many phenomenon. It is used as a curative and preventive.
Yogurt, as we know, is a fermented milk product which has a sedative effect on the nervous system and circulatory system. It is saturated with mineral substances and vitamins, helping the bowels to adjust, to heal the body. Rejuvenation of the skin, hair and nails – all this is largely the merit of kefir diet. As a consequence, diet help to lose weight quite easily.
A three-day mono-diet kefir.
A period of three days. Daily drink 1 to 1.5 liters of fresh kefir without the addition of sugar, divide it into several doses (5-6) vremennoe in equal intervals. This is a serious test, but to reset it to 3-4 kg will.
Kefir diet nutrition Institute
The period of 21 days. Lose up to 10 kg of weight. In this case there is no schedule. The main thing – the maximum reduction in energy intake. Important the absolute exception of sugar, bread, pastries, potatoes. At least half of the fat in the diet should be vegetable. With a minimum fat content meat and fish, dairy products and milk – fat. Fruits and vegetables without starch, be used without restrictions.
Really fluids every day to consume not more than one and a half liters, and 1 liter of yogurt and 0.5 liter present in food. Of salt daily to eat 5 grams of salt to already prepared food). Five times regular meals.
Winter fruit diet
Up to three days, the frequency no more than once per month. It includes a fairly extensive list of possible products, including not only banal with honey tea, semolina, eggs (for Breakfast), and chicken (soup), salad, vegetables, such as carrots (lunch). You can even stew, cabbage, soup and mushrooms. It is anticipated meal and lunch (though it's only a Cup of yogurt, but instead something easy, baked apples).
For dinner have something more serious: fish cooked in vegetable oil, a Cup of tea, baked potatoes. Before going to sleep. It would be better to drink kefir, which you can replace with skim milk or yogurt.
There are other variations of kefir diet. For example, kefir-fruit or fasting, striped kefir or kefir-the Apple diet and other.