How to serve a festive table

To make a real holiday, we think all is well. Choose a spacious, comfortable, warm and well ventilated room, in which everyone is invited will feel comfortable enough.
Depending on what event and how you are going to celebrate, you should pick up table linens, dishes and decorations, and everything must be in harmony with the style of the furniture with the overall color scheme.
First, the table is covered with fleece and tablecloth. First and foremost, it put decorative ornaments, salt shakers and ashtrays, if in this room Smoking is allowed, and then devices. All the dishes that are on the table should stand in a straight line.
Center Cutlery denote the stand-plate or a napkin. Some feel some shyness at the sight of tissue paper, not everyone knows how to properly use a napkin.
The plates are arranged so that the distance between the centers of adjacent devices was 70-80 cm and Then to the right of the main plate put the knife, blade towards the plate, and the left – the plug points upwards. The soup spoon is placed on the table a return down near the knife (right). To the left of the fork put the plate of bread with a butter knife.
Dessert device put at the top of the napkin, vistavkova plate, and the first fork handle to the left, and then a knife or a spoon handle to the right.
In the last turn of the pile for glasses, cups and shot glasses. On the tip of a knife put a glass of drink to the main course, just below the place the glass of drink to snack, and in between the glass for a third drink.
How to set the snack table

Diners tables are very convenient when you need to change a lot of guests. For example, at conferences, meetings, formal and informal receptions. For this table, each panel maintains itself, creating an atmosphere of ease and frees owners from the unnecessary trouble.
Serving a snack buffet in the centre arranges bottles of wines or brandies, carafes of vodka, fruit and flowers. Along the table next to the drinks, put the glasses, and the edges of the table place a stack of different dough and eateries plates, Cutlery and napkins.
All invited to take a plate, Cutlery, glass and napkin. Every dish of food should lie with special devices, which would be convenient to take a dish from a common dish. So, meals with picnic sandwiches or cakes be sure to put the tongs, and snack cakes cut into portions and served with a special spatula.
How to serve a festive dining table
The table for the holiday dinner is better to lay a white cloth, under which to put Molton. Very smart appearance will have a tablecloth. if you decorate it with silk ribbons, placing them so as to get the squares, pinning them in place of crossing small bouquets of flowers. But in this case, it is not recommended to excessively force the table of dishes and Cutlery, keeping in mind that a correctly laid table needs to be refined.
In front of each seat put essential appliances first, along the edge of the table at the same distance from each other put dinner plates, resting on each folded napkin. Then it laid out in turn: a big knife, returning it Lison to the plate, the spoon and the fish knife. To the left of the plate are placed the dining room and the diner fork. Device for the dessert are placed at the top over the plate. Left over the plate put a plate for the butter, and next to it – wine glasses, wine glasses and glasses. On the entire area of the set of salad bowls, dishes, gravy boats, and the opposite ends of the table – made with sliced bread. In different places of the table are placed the bottles, carafes or mugs with drinks.
How to serve a festive table for dinner
Serving table for a ceremonial gala evening arranged at an equal distance shallow plate, they put a diner plate, on which lay beautifully folded napkin. Left place Pyrozhkov plate for fast food restaurants pies and bread. Between these plates are laid out diner, fish and table forks. To the right of home plate, put the Cutlery, fish knives and snack. Before the main dish put the crystal: glasses of vodka, a glass of strong wine, a wine glass, a glass for white wine and champagne. For crystal place dessert fork, knife and spoon. In the center of the table put a bucket of champagne, fruit bowl, flowers and candles.
How to set Banquet table
Banquet meals are served in vysokoporodistyh cases. In the center of the table, covered with a white cloth, put the decanters for wine and juice, flower vases and fruit bowl. The invited guests are arranged around the edge of the table within large shallow plate, on which put a small shallow plate and put the folded napkin. Left of the plate place the plate of bread. Between these plates is placed a plug (diner, fish and a soup). The right of the plate put: butter knife, tablespoon, deepening upwards, fisheries and food knives. Over small bowl put four shots: for vodka or tincture, for strong wine, red table wine. In addition, put another wine glass or champagne glass. For glasses and dessert wine glasses put the instrument – a knife, fork and spoon.
How to set Christmas table
Christmas is one of the most important and favorite holidays. Every nation celebrates this festival in accordance with its customs and traditions, including cooking. Enjoy Christmas table can be different. Often put on the table a large and a medium shallow dish, a plate for bread, Cutlery for fish and dessert, a large appliance than butter and glasses of white wine and champagne.
In the design of the table decorations used spruce, pine and fir branches and colored ribbons. Festive table decorations with candles floating. Beautiful crystal vase to fill with water, put it in the candles and flower buds.
How to set an Easter table
Easter as a great Christian holiday is especially revered by more than 2 thousand years. For Easter Breakfast-table cover in cheerful bright colours.
On the table covered with cloth, about every place I put small plates. To the left of them put the plate of bread. Between the small plate and your bread plate is put dining room and diner fork tip up. To the right of the small plates and snack table put knives, aiming with the blade towards the plate. Each small plate put the diner and put on top of a nicely folded napkin. Glass of mineral water or fruit are on the small plate.
In the center of the table place a dish of colorful Easter eggs decorated with greens, meals with elegant belts and plates with cheese belts. From drinks to cocoa, coffee, tea.