How to resist and not to eat at night

Before my eyes and then pop up the "delicious" pictures, and the legs themselves drag you to the fridge. Later, after committing the "crime", you get the feeling of despair, culinary images are replaced by heartbreaking visions of your rounded belly and hips.
For women fashion and beauty is taboo. Familiar, does not it? Not really, it is impossible to do anything? You can!
12 ways how not to eat at night
Fool your stomach with liquid. Drink a glass of mineral water with a slice of lemon, tomato juice or a Cup of green tea. The liquid will fill your empty stomach and blunt the feeling of hunger.
Take a hot bath take. It reduces appetite and relaxes. Increased sweating at the same time will help you to remove from the body excess fluid.
If you feel that hunger became unbearable, make a small charge. Physical exercises will distract you from obsessive thoughts to get to the refrigerator and burn a few extra calories. In addition, immediately after exercise appetite decreases. But don't overdo it with the load, because perhaps then you will be hard to sleep.
To moderate the appetite help aromatherapy. As soon as you felt the urge for unplanned eating, smell the peel of grapefruit, light scented candles or bring to the nose of the bottle with some aromatic oil or perfume. Especially effective floral and fruit aromas. The centers of hunger and smell are close, so the smell will help to "score" the feeling of hunger.
Immediately after dinner, treat yourself to a light dessert such as fruit, low-fat yogurt, a small piece of dark chocolate. It will raise your mood, and arose after the finish will help to curb your appetite.
During the last meal never add to a dish of spices and spices, as they increase the appetite, heighten the sense of hunger, even after you have eaten.
Never keep in a prominent place high-calorie foods. Would be better if the the most affordable places you put fruits or vegetables, because, if you still "fail" bite them will not be so terrible.
Take a walk before bedtime. It will distract you from serious thinking about food. However, fresh air can enhance the appetite. So choose the time to walk such that after it, you can immediately go to bed.
Chew chewing gum. Better if it is sugar free and fruity. Chewing reflex and sweetness in the mouth deceived your appetite.
Brush your teeth. Here should trigger a conditioned reflex: after brushing we do not eat.
Clearly imagine yourself beautiful and slender, very charming and privlekatelnoy. Is this woman going to eat at night?
If by imagination you have a "tight" look of a glossy magazine. Real images of slender beauties will surely discourage you appetite.

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