How to prolong the freshness of tomatoes

In order for the tomatoes to last longer, without losing its fresh taste, they should be removed with a Bush of yellowish-brown until the beginning of the severe night temperature (below 8°C).
Fruits should be pick carefully, avoiding mechanical damage and, together with the peduncle. You can dig even whole bushes (but before storage they should be thoroughly dry). The collected fruits are the stalks up in a box and peresypaya fine sawdust or wood shavings.
It is necessary to store them at a temperature of 12-15°C in the light (in the barn or in the closet). In this case, the tomatoes will remain high-quality for 1-2 months. You can do a little differently is hang the whole plants up by the roots. Hanging upside-down bushes, the most widely used method to increase the storage period of sweet pepper. At a temperature not lower than the storage of tomatoes, they can also in such a way to persist up to 2 months.
Tomatoes can be long enough to store in the cellar. For this you need to sort the green fruit and put them in layers in boxes, sprinkling sawdust (preferably birch or aspen). If you need ready-to-eat fruits, their maturation (ripening) can be accelerated.
The easiest way of stimulating ripening off the plant green tomato – placing them among the few fully ripe fruits. The latest release in the surrounding air some chemicals, including ethylene, serve as a signal to other fruits, it's time to rush with the maturation. By the way, this way some gardeners speed up the ripening on the bushes.
Abroad, farmers are quite different: harvested unripe fruits are placed in storage and let the gas (ethylene). It is worth to learn from their experience – a moot point, and it's not only how it is feasible technically. Unfortunately, rapidly ripened the fruits are not as tasty as normal.
In addition, laboratory studies have long established that ethylene is physiologically active substance, affecting the growth and development of plants: with it (but if treatment is not taken of the fruit, and growing instances) increased formation of female flowers and increases the sugar content of fruit. So bad taste stimulated by ethylene tomatoes, not ripe, is most likely connected to the fact that have not yet developed the proper technology for its practical application.