How to choose a quality organic coffee

Organic coffee today, is one of the most popular drinks in the world. But the right choice is not an easy task for the coffee lover.
The true connoisseur is not your Breakfast without freshly-brewed aromatic coffee.
Is proven that coffee contains the "happiness hormone" – serotonin, relieving depression and elevating mood. Statistically, people who drink coffee, are less exposed to negative thoughts. Coffee is also needed for those whose activities are connected with the brain, since the fruitfulness of the work, after missing the bowl, and rises by 10%.
There are many varieties of coffee. Distinguish shades of taste, astringency and aroma, the majority of them belong to Robusta and Arabica. Robusta coffee is stronger coffee, its beans contain more caffeine (about 2%). Ideally, it is used only in a mixture with Arabica, as it is less aromatic, but straightens the drink and is cheaper. Arabica softer, have a more delicate and refined bouquet and a smaller amount of caffeine. In each locality this variety of Arabica takes the individual flavor characteristics. Therefore, the name often contains the name of the area of growth.
To choose a good coffee bean will help in a specialty store, where you neglected to give expert advice and will give to taste. So much easier to determine the variety that you enjoy. The best coffee is obtained from coffee beans fresh roasted, but often this option is not available. Few outlets roasted grains each day. In the gourmet shop you can negotiate with the seller not only the day but also the degree of roast.
Quality coffee is easy to identify by the smell. Fresh corn – not only look good, but smell so mouth watering. When you choose tell the seller what roasting is preferable to you (strong, average or weak), what flavor you want. If coffee half across the grain, trash or coffee crumb, the product is of poor quality. Check the purchase right in the store. You can always ask to replace the defective goods or to refuse purchase.
Coffee beans, the ideal grind you need to use. Otherwise they lose all their taste and flavour properties during the week. Therefore purchase at once not more than 200 grams of beans.
Ground coffee, for its taste, of course, inferior to roasted and crushed. This option is perfect for fans who prefer freshly brewed refreshing drink instant coffee. Now there are many variations on the theme of ground coffee. It can be caffeinated or not, flavored or give a hint of naturalness.
The choice of grinding depends on the method of preparation of the drink. Coarse grinding contains particles whose size is less than 0.8 mm. Such grinding requires 10 seconds and designed for piston of coffee brewing in the coffee pot or cezve. The time of steeping 7 minutes. For the average grind needed 13 seconds, the infusion takes about 5 minutes. He's the most versatile for brewing. Coffee fine grind is used for cooking in the coffee maker provided with filters. Grind time small – 16-20 seconds, infused for 2-3 minutes. Oddly enough, such a grinding can withstand long periods of storage. Coffee grinding thin espresso used coffee machines-espresso, powder flowing through the steam. Coffee with ultrafine milling according to the structure resembles flour. Mostly it is prepared Turkish coffee in a cezve. Cooking time beverage with this grinding seldom exceeds a minute, the right thing to brew coffee in Turku.
When buying coffee, pay attention to the price of the purchased goods. As a rule, good coffee is not cheap, especially if the place of growth of this variety is low-yield and is grown in a small area (e.g. in Java). The difference in packaging also determines the quality of the product. Buying coffee in vacuum verify that the briquette is solid, the softness, in this case, evidence of the tightness of packing. Quality product packaged in glass or tin containers.
Sometimes appearance indicates the presence in the grinding impurities. In today's world often Supplement is chicory. Also, the fake coffee can enter the bones of dates and oranges, milled grain, acorns, chestnuts, beans and so on. Check out this simple: examining scattered on a paper sheet ground coffee, you will easily find all its shortcomings. The powder just needs to be uniform. The smell will help you recognize not only the presence of impurities, but also shelf life. Strong odour and no rancidity – that is the true sign of freshness.
Most fans of natural coffee prefer to drink it in its pure form, not welcoming the flavors, even without sugar. Many still dilute the finished drink the milk, cream, add a Cup of rum, brandy or cognac. Given such biases, many manufacturers decided to meet consumers and launched a line of varieties with the already added aromas and taste flavors. High demand coffee with the flavors of cognac, Amaretto, cinnamon, vanilla, nuts, chocolate. If it adds spices, for example pepper, cardamom, vanilla or nutmeg, then this is likely a natural product. Other flavors such as almond, chocolate, fruit, or pine nuts are saying that the product is not natural.
We all know that no drink can't compete with the charms of the natural coffee. By purchasing it make a choice in favor of naturalness, and you will definitely get a mouthwatering bouquet of taste and aroma. Find among them your own!