How to choose a good tea

Many people drink this ancient drink, but not everyone knows how to choose good tea?! As for me, better to turn to professionals who sell good tea in bulk, they know about it everything or nearly everything.
Many supermarkets have point of sales of loose tea, that's where they sell really good tea.
But not everyone can afford to pay for the tea a rather big amount of money, so I will tell you how to choose a good tea from the range that we offer supermarkets, small shops and in the market.
There are many brands famous brands that provide as a good tea and not so good and, to be honest, just disgusting. So, in order not to buy the latest, offering to listen to my advice.
View the entire range of the drink and determine the cheapest and the most expensive. I propose that we focus on the average price. Then pay attention to what the tea is packaged in this box, it is usually mentioned: big leaf, small leaf, granulated, or, well, where do without the famous tea bags.
About the last two even do not want to write, as it is a tea of the lowest quality. Yes, he quickly sealed, Yes its dark, but I always feel that in these granules and teabags is what is swept off the floor after cutting the good tea. So go directly to the first two.
Brewed longer, the color of the tea lighter, leaves thin, mostly from the upper leaf. It is really the good tea. Its astringency is incomparable to tea bags and granulated at all. Most of those restorative materials, which we buy good tea.
Small leaf tea
Brewed faster, color more dark, the leaves smaller and thicker, too astringent and a good tonic.
These two options, I advise You to stop your choice. Of course, it would be better to try a few varieties of good tea (not at once of course) and choose one that will meet all Your needs, to determine the ratio of price and quality.
Drink good tea and be always in shape and always healthy!