Effective Diet


Many people think that diets effective it is when we momentarily restrict ourselves to the amount of food or be filled some some products, or reduce the number of some types of macronutrients.
But the question arises: what if humanity invented more than 28000 so to say effective diets? After all, it would be quite 3-5 options. The problem with most approaches is that after the "successful" outcome of dieting, we often return to its previous state. Often short-term "bombing" makes your most complex endocrine system respond to stress with weight gain even on the original.
What to do in this case? It is obvious that seeking to lose weight people need to eat right. And the trump card in this fight against the pounds is stability and constancy.
Effective diet
Consider, for example, "Kremlevka". It is good only for a short period. Often it is fraught with serious deviations in the entire body.
This will fit the Chukchi, which at the genetic level, there is a "malouglovogo". Over the centuries they've adapted to the peculiar diet. And for us, the restructuring reserve fat on energy balance, carbohydrate replacement, carries only negative implications.
The effects of mono-diet
Receiving one and the same product constantly, whether it be rice or buckwheat, it makes our living mechanism to recognize as a natural deficit as a famine situation. The lack of macro – and micronutrients, vitamins, essential amino acids and fats excites him. In the end, lose the protective mechanisms offered by nature itself (such as "protection against the fool"). The response of the immune system is the inclusion of internal reserves. As a result, weight loss. Joy suffered a long time from malnutrition.
But do not forget that it is the loss of including at the expense of muscle mass. But when you finally get to a normal meal, begins the process of "absorption" and "conservation" of anything that might be valuable in a period of severe hunger. So don't be surprised if you step on the scale after a few days, you counted even a few pounds, which all of you have never been. Are not talking about the circles under the eyes, brittle nails, split hair, dry and sagging skin. More serious risk of heart attack or stroke.
Is there a good diet?

Effective diet is the "Mediterranean" diet, which are more close to who recommendations. Not harmful and effective paleodiet ("caveman").
It is based on the diet of lean meat, poultry, seafood, seasonal vegetables and fruit. Laurie Brodsky. The exception is dried fruit and starchy food. Paleo diet is based on the presence of fat in the diet, but does not accept the wheat, beans and the like.
Rather, we are talking about a lifelong diet, not a temporary restriction of the admission of certain items.
What constitutes a healthy diet?
A balanced diet means eating plenty of different foods from four main groups of foods and limiting the amount we eat from a smaller fifth group. Ultimately, it's as simple as eating more fruit, veg, starchy, fibre-rich foods and fresh products, and fewer fatty, sugary, salty and processed foods.