Choice of an individual diet according to a prescription


If You are constantly tormented by excess weight, then at least it will be useful to know the recipes of diets. And You are constantly tormented by the question about what kind of method to decrease body weight from the variety offered on the Internet ways?
As they say, dazzled by the numerous descriptions. Despite the diversity of such information, the principle of reducing weight in all cases. The basis of any decent diet are recipes that can be prepared without breaking the power requirements.
Modern recipes diets can be divided into several varieties: low fat, follow a low-fat, vegetarian, low-carb diet, that is not excluding products of animal origin. Offers short-term or fast diet, which often combine elements of the four enumerated types of diets (at least 2-3).
If you prefer appropriate recipes diet, supplemented by dairy products, which mean "carbohydrate" starvation, diet testing for You. Vegetable salads, where the pieces of cheese or egg white and yolk, and you can feel the delicate aroma of a good yoghurt, determine the range of sentences for weight loss from Protasov.
Many, of course, heard of the existence of the so-called Kremlin diet. This is a collection of culinary creations made from vegetables, meat and dairy products. With the exception of the inclusion of flour, sugar or some cereals. The main secret of success with the use of this option lies in the fact that the diet excludes ingredients containing carbohydrates.
The choice of his special recipe suitable for you – especially individual case. No one but You will ever be able to listen to yourself and understand what factors have a particular effect. So the choice is individual action – not a quick process and very time consuming. It makes millions of people for a long period to look for your path to a perfect body. Well, we still often prefer short-term deals from nutritionists.
Anyway, any diet is based on the exclusion or restriction of intake of fats and carbohydrates that are crucial in metabolic processes. Vegetables differ in fewer calories and therefore valid, in addition, to maintain strength in them, there are a huge number of microelements, vitamins and nutrients. And there is a large amount of fiber which gives a feeling of satiety and at the same time cleanses the intestines.