All you need to know about eggs

What dish to cook easier? Of course – eggs! Fried, scrambled, boiled eggs on soft, hard-boiled in the bag – your choice. But what do we know about this product?
Quail eggs, ostrich, goose, duck, Turkey…
Quail egg is a real storehouse of nutrients. Compared to chicken eggs in one gram quail contains more vitamins: A – 2.5%, B – 2.8%, and B2 – 2.2 times. In five quail eggs, the mass equal to one chicken, 5 times higher content of phosphorus and potassium, 4.5 times – iron.
Quail eggs are especially useful for children, because the likelihood of allergies less of them than by eating boiled eggs.
Fry the quail eggs need 3-5 minutes. To cook the quail eggs in gently, you need 1-2 minutes to put them in boiling water (unlike chicken eggs, they will not crack). On firmly they should cook for 5 minutes.
Eggs chicken Guinea fowl are smaller, brown in color, with a pointed end. They have less cholesterol. Protein such eggs are firm and the yolk, on the contrary gentle.
Ostrich eggs are the biggest in the world. In diameter they are up to 20 centimetres and can weigh from 1.5 to 2 kg. ostrich Egg weighing 1600 grams contains about 1000 g of protein and 320 g of yolk.
The taste of ostrich eggs differ little from the chicken. However, one ostrich egg replaces 10 large or 18-20 small chicken.
The content of fat and cholesterol in the egg of an ostrich is much lower than in eggs of poultry, indicating that high dietary properties.
The shelf life of raw open ostrich eggs for 2-3 days.
To cook an ostrich egg, it should be put in cold water, bring to a boil and cook for: 45 minutes to cook the eggs gently, and 60 – 70 minutes – hard-boiled.
To crack an ostrich egg, you need to do in a shell hole with a sharp tip of a knife, insert the knife and pull off the shell gently to crack.
To speed up the process of cooking eggs, you can drill in it two holes, to mix the contents of the egg through them (needle) and pour into a bowl or directly on the pan.
In duck and goose eggs salmonellosis find often. Therefore, they should not be consumed raw. Best of all they are suitable for the preparation of the dough.
Before cooking the duck and goose eggs should be carefully washed in cold water with addition of soda, put in a saucepan with cold water, put on fire and cook at least 12 minutes on medium heat under the lid.
Select and store eggs
For choosing the time elapsed since laying the eggs to its use. That they are divided into dietary and table. Diet are eggs, the storage period not exceeding 7 days, excluding the day of laying. Refer to table eggs, the storage period not exceeding 25 days from the date sorting, not counting the day of laying, and the eggs stored in the refrigerator for 120 days. Eggs, the shelf life of which is in the process of implementation exceeded, transferred to a category of table.
To distinguish a raw egg from a boiled, spin it on a flat surface. A boiled egg will spin more vigorously and more evenly than raw, which is unlikely ever to unleash it.
To determine the freshness of eggs, you need to put it in half-liter jar of water in which is dissolved 1 tablespoon of salt, a fresh egg will sink to the bottom, the egg average probability will float somewhere in the middle, a spoiled egg will float.
The quality of the eggs can be checked on the light: inside the broken eggs are visible dark spots.
Well preserved eggs in a salt solution (20 g salt to 1 liter of water). If eggs are stored for a short time (14 to 21 days), they need to put the sharp ends down so they could "breathe", because on the blunt end there are pores through which the egg absorbs oxygen and releases carbon dioxide.
When storing eggs sometimes need to turn to the egg yolks not settled on one side.
The eggs stay fresh longer, remove them from the fridge as much as you need for cooking. Re-cooling of the eggs affects their nutritional properties.
Cook eggs
While cooking the egg will not crack if it is the blunt end of the pierce needle.
Cracked egg you can put in a little colander and hold it over the steam. The protein hardens and the egg can be cook by throwing in boiling water.
If the eggs cook on high heat, the protein becomes solid, and the yolk is soft. And if you cook on a slow fire, the yolk becomes hardness, and the protein remains loose.
Around the yolk of hard-boiled eggs will not be dark streaks, if you cook it only for 5 minutes, then remove from heat and leave in hot water for 10 minutes.
The longer you cook eggs, the worse they are absorbed by the body. there are eggs that are cooked more than 20 minutes, is harmful to health. To strip the cooked egg is better with a blunt end. Water will penetrate under the film separating the protein from the shell and it will clear easier.
Scrambled eggs, fried at low heat, the tastier that were cooked on high heat. Scrambled eggs get a bit fancier, if in the egg mixture add a pinch of baking powder.
The egg that you are going to fill the hot soup does not curdle, if it is whipped with a small amount of cold milk.